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Fuzhou Fosmaker Rigging Co., Ltd. is situated in uprising Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Park, which lies at south bank of Fujian province Min River and draws near the river in three directions, with the scenery picturesque, the traffic convenient and the losgistics smooth. There are two exporting and importing ports near away from the park and industry supplying link stays in good shape. The company was founded in 2000, and passed the certification of quality management system ISO9001:2000. It has two brother companys, Fuzhou Jinxing Garment and Garnish Co., Ltd. and Fujian Jinxing Protective Article Co., Ltd., all the three companies, there is one common feature that they are mainly dealing in the textile products and own intrinsic factor of abundant and deepening technology of textile industry. General decision group adjusted the products framework in terms of the demand from markets, technology basis and edge, capital strength and all the other well-conditioned factors related to the marketing, took into effect the relevant serial tactics of multiway product assembly, and originated one after another such three correlative companies who produce the different lines of products, so that the product assembly went optimizing. The company has the monthly production capacity of 300 tonnes of serial textile rigging products, which offers guarantee to a certain degree for the demands from the internal and external customers. Since its establishment, the leaders have been sticking to the development strategy of enterprise growth based on the science and technology, not only has it strengthened its own research and development, but also built the tight interactive relationship with the science research department in the correlative institutes outside and inside the province ...

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